Monday, June 6, 2011


Well, I thought the Charlie Sheen slogan is appropriate for my battle because currently, I am winning. 
I started my weight loss journey in Summer 2008 with appetite suppressants, B12 injections and doctor visits. I was 242 lbs. The heaviest weight, so far, in my life. The medicine killed my appetite and I was lucky if I actually ate 500 calories a day. My weight reached 196 lbs, but I finally realized I was pretty much starving myself. I hated how I never had good or even solid energy and I felt weak, even though I was working out. I stopped going to the doctor, plus I couldn't afford to do it anymore. I ended up gaining some of the weight back. 
When I restarted my journey, I was about 225 lbs. I was eating healthy and loving life. When I was about 115 lbs, I hit a plateau and then began gaining even though I was doing everything right. In December 2009, my boyfriend and I found out that I was pregnant. Over my pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight and hit my peak weight of 285 lbs when I went to be induced. (DD was over a week late.) 
DD is healthy and almost ten months old. I've lost about 30 lbs since having her. 
I am now continuing my battle against weight loss. Zumba, elliptical, circuit weight training and the sauna are all a part of my gym routine. I'm very curious about some new classes at the gym, but have yet to try them. 

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